Heat Self Service

Significantly reduce call volumes

Increase service desk productivity by reducing the flood of routine technical issues to your support center. With HEAT Self Service, customers can search the knowledge base, submit a new service issue or check the status of an issue - without adding to your incoming call volume.


• Reduce call volume
• Minimize pressure on technicians
• Increase staff productivity
• Provide realized call center savings • Boost customer satisfaction


Lost password retrieval - Enable customers to quickly and easily reset lost passwords.

Session tracking - Learn how your customers use your knowledge base and with what frequency.

Reliable, up-to-date information - Give your support technicians a head start on resolving issues.

HEAT Self Service logs and tracks your customer’s search criteria and articles accessed.

Personalized customer service - Integrate information from HEAT Self Service with HEAT to get a complete view of customers’ or employees’ interaction with the support center.

E-mail confirmation - Automatically notify customers that their issue has been logged on the Self Service Web site and provide a hyperlink to their issue for tracking.

Service level classification - With request prioritization based on their service level agreement, customers can use a Web connection to log on and start immediately.

Customized look and feel - Tailor the user interface and the content on your HEAT Self Service Web pages to the needs of your customers and employees.