Heat Plus Knowledge

Information you need when you need it

Deliver superior support with quick and proper issue resolution. HEAT Plus Knowledge improves customer satisfaction and actually lowers overall costs by providing support technicians easy access to answers. And by adding Right Answers Knowledge-Paks® - the world's first and largest IT support knowledge base - your technicians and end-users can access hundreds of thousands of problem-resolutions. Knowledge-Pak titles cover virtually every popular business application from vendors such as Microsoft, Netscape, Novell, Corel, Lotus, Adobe, and Symantec.


• Provide immediate results on call resolution
• Reduce training time for new support technicians
• Decrease escalation rates
• Alleviate backlog of service requests • Improve response consistency


Easy content access - Store documents in their native format and search for nearly any document type regardless of format, structure, or location.

Cataloged data - Avoid costly escalations by being able to find and deliver data when it is needed most.

Information sharing - Remove the barriers to collaboration by providing experts within your organization with document searching, storage, indexing, reporting, and authoring.

Integration with HEAT - Ensure all information is captured in HEAT Service & Support and saved for later reference.

Improved customer support - Enhance customer satisfaction by answering the issue or inquiry correctly the first time and allowing your customers to search for information so they can efficiently help themselves.