Change Management

Change Management and Configuration Management are tightly integrated in easyCMDB.

easyCMDB will support the Change Management process by:

• Accurately creating Requests for Change (RFCs) and linking to affected Configuration Items (CIs).
• Initiating RFCs directly from Incidents, using pre-defined templates for common types of RFCs.
• Providing configurable review stages and manual or automatic activities that give structure to IT processes.
• Allowing measurement of the performance and effectiveness of the process through process-specific reports.

Multi-level CAB definition is supported, with the choice of a system-wide CAB in addition to CAB members linked to individual CIs, plus CAB members associated at Project level.

Change classification, priority and assignment can be assigned by linking the Change with a pre-defined Project record. A Project can also override the default CAB with its own and be linked to all CIs in use by the Project.

A Change can be linked to an Incident and/or another Change if required.

Successful implementation of a Change can automatically resolve any associated Incident record.

Changes are identified by a unique Change Request Number, which can either be entered or generated by easyCMDB using a user-defined format.

Tasks may be recorded against Changes detailing what was done, when and by whom. Each Task may have its own assignment, notes and link to Documents.

A Change Request Number and note can be entered when saving any CI record, to provide an instant linkage to the Change.

Changes appear on the Event Calendar on the day they are scheduled and implemented. This allows a forward schedule of Changes to be generated or Change history to be analyzed. Change Templates provide the ability to create recurring Change definitions including all related Tasks, CI linkages and Documents.

Flexible reports output Change record details and statistical information based on user-defined search criteria.

ITIL Incident Management

Change Management as defined by ITIL